Arved Fuchs


Arved Fuchs is the first person to have reached both the North and the South Pole on foot in one year. On the 13th of May, 1989, the ICEWALK Expedition reached the geographical North Pole after 56 days and a distance of about 1.000 kilometers. In the same year on December 30th, he reached the South Pole on skis. At the same time he managed to completely cross the Antarctic continent with the alpinist Reinhold Messner in 92 days. This distance is equivalent to 2.500 kilometers as the crow flies. These two expeditions marked the end of the era of conventional navigation with sextants.
The positioning measures undertaken by Arved Fuchs were mostly done through astronomical means of location fixing, due to the fact that GPS satellite systems were not as yet completely installed. In addition these expeditions were mostly cut off from the rest of the world because satellite telephones had not as yet been developed.


Arved Fuchs, together with Rainer Neuber, completed the first and to this day only winter rounding of the legendary Cape Horn in kayaks. During a later expedition he reached the magnetic North Pole in a kayak. Shortly afterwards he undertook a further kayak expedition to the "Cradle of Storms", which is the name given to the Aleut island group by the original inhabitants.

Dagmar Aaen

With his sailboat the "Dagmar Aaen", Arved Fuchs did a complete rounding the North Pole - meaning to say the first sail around the world on the Arctic route. Fuchs has sailed the Northwest Passage both in the east-west and at a later time the west-east directions. He has been to the Siberian Northeast Passage four times altogether and has sailed the complete length. In 1991, this was the first western expedition to receive permission - at the time from the Soviet Union - to visit the island group Franz-Josef-Land. During the expedition he got as far as 81° and found the original document, from 1873, on the discovery of this island group. This document is now in the Marine Museum in Bremerhaven. His expedition ship has overwintered in pack ice many times.


Arved Fuchs has also undertaken several dog-sled expeditions: in 1983 he crossed the Greenland inland ice in 70 days along the 71st parallel. In 2006 he travelled with traditional dog sleds the northern parts of Ellesmere Island in Canada.

In the year 1995 he undertook the, until that point in time, longest crossing of the "Southern Patagonian Island Ice".

During the 44-day ski expedition, seven first accents were accomplished and as well, the main point on the inland ice, the "Failla de Reichert", was climbed for the first time.


In the year 2000 he completed, together with three companions, the first total repition of the Shackleton Expedition in the Antarctic. Starting from the Antarctic Peninsula, the four friends sailed, in an exact replica of Shackleton's rescue ship the "James Caird", to Elephant Island and then on to South Georgia - a distance of altogether 1800 kilometers. Following that, they crossed the alpine mountains of South Georgia to the whaling station Stromness.


Arved Fuchs has written 18 books. Many television documentaries and magazine articles have appeared about his expeditions; for example "National Geographic", "GEO" and "Stern".

Private life

Arved Fuchs is married to Brigitte.