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For over the past 30 years, Arved Fuchs has travelled the Arctic and Antarctic regions. During this time, the expedition leader from Bad Bramstedt has gained an extensive knowledge in many years. We would like to pass this knowledge on to you through our Adventure & Media Services.

In addition, we can be of assistance in your search for suitable traditional ships for your film productions - we have excellent contacts among the owners of historical ships and shipyards, should any alerations to the ships be necessary.

We can also be of help with the search for a suitable location for your project - and can advise you, should you have any logistical problem.

Media Service

Through our expedition activity in the past years, we have worked with different production companies and know, especially in the difficult conditions in the polar zones, what has to be taken into consideration during these productions. Temperatures far below the freezing point pose high demands on the whole team, on cameras and on technology.

Our know-how can help you find the ideal location for your production - should it be in far-away Patagonia or in the Canadian Northwest Territories.

You are planning a documentary in the Arctic or in the Antarctic? We will take care of the logistics, will plan your departure and arrival with partners we have worked with for years and who are familiar with travel in these extreme regions.
Production companies who would like to trace the journeys of earlier explorers can take advantage of our experience in this area. Through our contacts, we can assist you in your search for the ship and crew, which is suitable for your project.


You are planning a feature film or a documentary about an historical expedition? We will advise you on the details, which must be taken into consideration. We will look after finding an historical ship, will supervise any necessary alterations in order to assure that the character of a journey at the turn of the century be given and that authenticity be retained.

With film productions in the Arctic or Antarctic regions it is important to consider the extreme conditions one meets up with. Through our numerous journeys in the polar zones, we know just what exceptional demands the crew and technology are faced up against. We will give you important hints and advise for the realization of your idea.

Especially in these times of climatic change, there are numerous scientific studies in the polar regions taking place.
We can help you here as well to organize your programme in such a way that it will be a successful project - and take care of any travel details and the search for a suitable camp.


Arved Fuchs has travelled the seas for more than 20 years with his ship the "Dagmar Aaen". During these years of expedition experience, he has made many contacts worldwide, especially with ship-owners and charter companies.

We will help you in your search for a suitable ship for your production, your feature film, your documentary or for your scientific project.

Should you be looking for traditional ships for the production of historical journeys, we can make you a wide offer of suitable ships.
Because of the excellent contacts we have with shipyards, which specialize in the alteration of these traditional ships, we can advise you on any necessary work on these sailing ships so that they will meet up with your requirements.


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