22.07.2013: Murmansk


Pos. 68° 58' N - 33° 4' E

From the north Norwegian city of Vardø we continued under sails with the new crew to the Russian city of Murmansk. With good winds, we sailed through rough seas until we steered torwards our first Russian harbor. A few hours later, a stipulated pilot came on board and we arrived at 6 o'clock am in the harbor under sunny skies.

Astrid Rampendahl and Achim Karpus returned to sunny Germany from here and were replaced by the crewmembers Ulrich Weih and Karsten Steinbach. Also to join us Slava Melin, an old friend from Russia and Vladimir Melnik, our guide from the Russian Arctic National Park. Bent over maps of the mostly glacier-covered islands, the details of the expedition were discuddes: Which scenes of earlier expeditions are reachable at this time? On which might there maybe even be unfound depots or other valuable objects?

the ship is perfectly prepared for the journey through the Bering Sea

How do the present glaciers look today in contrast to our expedition in 1991 and to older expedition reports, which go back to 1871? What can we discover in the animal and plant world on the total of 191 islands? The total land surface covers 16.000 sqaure kilometers - all together as large as Thüringen.

After controlling the ship, from the machines to the deck up to the rig, tightening screws, painting what needed to be painted, the ship is perfectly prepared for the journey through the Bering Sea to the Arctic up past the 80th degree of latitude.
Numerous Russian officials control both our and the ship's documents, papers, certificates etc. and now it is time to set off.

We will send a report!


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