08.08.2013: Longyearbyen


Pos. 78° 14' N - 015° 35' E

We have the necessary authorization to continue on! After Arved and Brigitte spoke with the authorities in charge yesterday, things went very quickly. When we were in Hopen, the head of the station there, Tore, was absolutely sure that we would get permission without any problems for our strong expedition ship  – especially because of the broad experience in the Arctic that Arved and the crew possess. This estimation has come true!


Not only the Norwegians, but also the rough nature, which often prevails in this region, show their friendlier side. We were thus able to sail from the south cape to the north under favorable easterly winds. Cold and strong down winds from the glaciers on the west coast helped the “Dagmar Aaen” to reach eight knots. In Isfjorden we had to sail against waves which were splashing on the sides of the ship. These are just as fascinating in the light of the high Arctic as the mountains around us, which reach a height of about 500 m and are topped with clouds.

In Longyearbyen, a friendly welcome was awaiting us. We had just started looking for a good place to anchor, when Arved was heartily greeted by Miroslav, who was a crew member in 1991 and 1992. What was he singing about in the Czech songs he later sang to us in the comfortable mess ( including the “Dagmar-Song”, which he himself wrote)? It was in any case a very strong experience for the crew to see how enthused he was to be on board again after all these years. Thank you for your visit!





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