August 16th, 2011: Message from the ice

Way Noth

Tuesday, 16. August 2011
Pos.: 73°28'98 N - 21°32'42 W

We have continued our journey to the north – despite ice conditions which are still difficult along the east coast of Greenland. We sailed into the Kong Oscar Fiord over the weekend. Getting there was not easy; thick fog made it difficult for us to continue into the fiord.

We might visit the small island Ella O, which lies inside the fiord system, on the way back.

Due to bad weather, we are lying at anchor at the moment off the south-east coast of Gauss Halvo Island in Mackenzie Bay. The weather forecast for the next few days promises an improvement in the weather, so we will either head further north or head for Ella O through the Kejser Franz Joseph Fiord.

A message?

In Húsavik the ten participants of our youth camp “Ice Climate Education” had written messages which we have sent off in the form of messages in a bottle. We, the crew and the participants of our camp, wish, with these messages, to make others aware of the present changes in climate. Each message contains the address of one of the participants and will hopefully be found somewhere. We are anxious to see if the young people will get an answer.

We are planning to set our buoy out on a stable ice berg in the next few days. We will then be able to follow the drift of the ice berg on our website ...

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Thursday, 11. August 2011