August 24th, 2011: Difficult navigation

Direction South

Mittwoch, 24. August 2011
Pos.: 70°35'19 N - 20°56'42 W

On this day of Wednesday, August 24th we have officially declared this year’s Greenland Northeast Expedition for completed. The ice masses off the east coast of Greenland just won’t allow us to continue the expedition. The heavy storms last week caused the pack ice fields to get all muddled up.
Unfortunately we have had no actual weather maps at our disposal since last Monday.

We had to make due with satellite photos which allow one to only guess approximately at the ice situation.


This is why we already sailed out of the Kong Oscar Fiord last weekend in a southerly direction after having previously set out our buoy. We are able to follow the drift of the buoy daily on our website. The actual southwesterly winds are causing it to drive away from the coast; at the moment it is moving in a slightly northerly direction. It will be interesting to see which path it will eventually take.

Hard work

From the Kong Oscar Fiord we were forced to work our way in a southerly direction through the thick ice; thick fog banks made this very difficult. We were out of the ice at 7 am this morning – that was really a piece of hard work. We are now heading for the north side of Scoresbysund accompanied by seven hunchback whales and two walrus.

The trawler we just met has been waiting for three days to head northwards. He could not believe that we had come out of the ice ...

The thick pack ice situation surprised us all and inevitably prevented us from travelling as far north as we had originally planned, but this is unpredictable – no one could have foreseen this.

Our journey now will take us to Isafjordur in Iceland, then our last crew change before we then head for home ...

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Thursday, 11. August 2011