September 14th, 2011: Storm journey towards home

Storm journey

Wednesday, 14. September 2011
Pos.: 60°09' N - 1°09' W

What a stormy return!
The month of September is often marked by stormy weather – nothing unusual normally. This time, however, we were almost hit by hurricane “Katia”. No longer classified as a tornado, it is still a very severe storm. It is so often these borderline situations where decisions must be made, which now and again make it rather difficult for a captain. Either wait in a safe harbour or take advantage of a moment in time between two low-pressure areas.
As I spontaneously decide on Sunday afternoon - after studying the last weather reports - to leave Torshavn, weather conditions in all the sea regions south of us are forecast as either “Strong Gale Warning” or even “Storm Warning”.

We are, so to say, right in the middle of the storm and it is comparatively still.

All weather forecasts allowed the assumption that we would be able to make it to the Shetland Islands under moderate wind conditions.
(Vorhersage Met Office - Gale warnings)

Provided that we are fast enough.

Rum for all

North-westerly winds of up to 7 on the Beaufort scale – pretty well head winds - were already forecast for the 12th of September. Taking into consideration as well the high seas caused by the storm that passed south of us, this could mean that we might meet up with the tail end of these stormy winds just before reaching the Shetlands. But our strategy worked. Just as we reach the harbour in Lerwick in the evening of the 12th, it begins to rain and to storm. But this doesn’t matter – we are here! Rum for everyone and then a hearty evening meal.
Seafaring is exciting!

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Thursday, 11. August 2011