July 20th, 2011: Journey



Travelling to Husavik took the entire day for most he participants, for some even more than that. The first group met at Copenhagen airport with Siren, Dirk and Ulrich arriving from Hamburg at 7:25. They were later joined by Ronja, Karl-Erik and Stella, Daniella, Ida, Aileen and Ezgi. The flight to Iceland took less than three hours ending with a smooth landing in Keflavik in bright sunshine. Here the group was met by Kathleen, Sophie and Marko. Since Marko´s plane had arrived late getting from Keflavik International airport to Reykjavik airport in time proved a little bit difficult since the local shuttle bus was not in any sort of hurry. In view of the inland airport of Reykjavik the bus spend endless minutes at a local bus depot with our boarding time to Akureyri already running. We arrived just in time at 18:00 with the plane leaving at 18:15. However, the friendly airport people managed a superspeed check-in and off we went to Akureyri.

The sturdy Fokker 50 took less than 45 minutes to her destination but provided us with a most beautiful sightseeing tour across the snow-capped mountains and enormous glaciers of western Iceland.

JourneyAt Akureyri we were picked up by a small bus which took us to Husavik. Again this trip offered most impressive views of green meadows, lots of Iceland ponies, mountains, rivers and small areas still covered by snow (to those who hadn´t fallen asleep already). Finally we arrived at Visir guest house in Husavik and were greated by Arved Fuchs, Arne and Regina who had prepared a wonderful meal for us. With most of us being exhausted but quite happy, we all stumbled towards our beds. What a day!

Siren Rühs & Ulrich Jordan

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