July 22nd, 2011: Day 2

Steffen hold a lecture about the topic

Global Warming Swindle

Our third day started with breakfast at 8. Although we were quite sleepy waking up at 8 we were full of energy after our breakfast and ready for the lecture. Our first lecture was about companies and climate change by Steffen Lembke (Foto). With this lecture we learnt why climate change is important for companies and how companies can prevent global warming.

After this inspiring lecture we walked down to the Iceland Culture Museum–Safnahusið. In this museum we saw how Icelandic people lived back in the past and saw what equipment they used in those days. After this visit to the museum everyones´ legs were tired and we headed back to our guesthouse. Then we had lunch and time to relax which some used to go to the harbour and see Arved Fuchs sailing the regatta with his Dagmar Aaen.

After we had all relaxed we headed back to our conference room in the Baukur restaurant where we watched the film “The Great Global Warming Swindle”.

Afterwards the group (Sophie) visited the Safnahúsið

Although this film seemed convincing it also brought up many questions which we discussed with Dirk after the film and we came to a conclusion that this film contained many false facts. After finishing the discussion about the film we headed towards The Whale Museum where Arved Fuchs talked about his previous expeditions and exciting adventures both to the North and South Pole and how global warming was changing his shipping routes as there was less and less ice in the Arctic Sea. After hearing Arved´s impressive adventures we had some spare minutes which two particular people had to use to write the diary.

We are really looking forward to tomorrow as we are going on a sailing excursion we have long waited for.

Marko (France) & Karl-Erik (Estonia)

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