July 23rd, 2011: Day 3

After a while we need to warm up us with a hot chocolate


On our third day in Iceland we started with breakfast as usual and made some great sandwiches for our trip to Dalvik via Flatey Island. Since we were all really tired because of the loud music at the harbour during the previous night, we finished packing our travel bags in a great hurry at the guesthouse in Husavik. With a lot of sun, some wind and a lot of excitement we started our journey at about 9:30, after all of our stuff whad been brought onto the the Dagmar Aaen – Arved Fuchs’ famous sailing boat. The crew welcomed us very nicely and from the start everybody felt comfortable on board. Before we reached Flatey Island we saw some dolphins jumping through the water. That was a great surprise for all of us because nobody has ever seen any dolphins in the wild before. It was so impressive that everything else became unimportant!

On the island it got really hot and we went for a walk on the island to watch the famous Puffins (birds) with their colorful beaks and a black body. Also there were lots of Arctic terns that sometimes seemed to have the intention to attack us – luckily they did not ...

When it was time to get back on the boat, we discoverd a dead baby whale lying on the rocks near the coastline.

That was a pretty sad and thoughtful moment for all of us. Before heading off Aileen could not be stopped climbing up the entire mast – closely watched by Arved and the crew. While heading to Dalvik we enjoyed some really tasty expedition food which consisted of pasta and vegetables and was also very easy to make for the kitchen crew. After that we had some coffee and homemade cake. YUMMY! =)

Karl-Erik and Aileen were engaged too

The next adventure for some of us was climbing into the front net of the boat and getting a great feeling of the sea. When we finally reached a windy spot, it was time to put up the sails. Most people it was their first experience helping on the boat and it was fun for all of us. The trip on the boat took longer than expected. At Dalvik harbour we said goodbye to the crew and our bus was already waiting for us... at that moment we did not know what would expect us! At the beginning of our (actually) 30 minutes bus drive we were all glad to get warmed up again. Then we drove-stopped-drove-stopped-drove-stopped-drove-stopped and began wondering about the bus driver’s intentions when he kept getting out looking for the correct way (he even checked out a stranger’s mailbox to find right way..??). At the same time we decided that Dirk was getting totally crazy and had a lot of fun because of him. His tantrums brought up lots of jokes and laughs and we FINALLY(!!!) got to our little guesthouse called ‘Skeið’.

We then met Myriam who cooked a great dinner for us. Then Ulrich started rushing us because he was in a hurry to start the simulation game instructions. (The simulation game is about the CleanAir Jet-engine program suggested by the EU. Every student represents one country). Since the landscape is really nice around here, we decided to go for a walk and got to jump over small creeks. We also tried the water coming down from the glaciers – it was really really cold and tasty! It has been a very long day but at the same time it was exciting and pretty adventurous as well as memorable.

Ronja (Germany) & Stella (Estonia)

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