July 25th, 2011: Day 5

Sophie took up the part of the chinese representative


The morning started off with breakfast followed by the first conference of the simulation game about the compulsory introduction of new Jet engines with greatly reduced emissions of CO2 . The European Union opened the conference and the delegates of each nation introduced themselves and presented their countries’ national policies and aims. We were then handed out the resolution to which questions could be asked. After a short deliberation break amendments were put forward from each country. The difficulty of negotiating with so many diverse countries soon became evident- despite only eight different views being represented as opposed to hundreds at the real UN conventions. The animated discussion reflected some interesting and fierce opinions- and ended with China setting the condition that Taiwan be regarded as an official province of China ...

After lunch we set off on our next great hike - if we thought yesterday was hard, it was nothing compared to what awaited us today! Our aim this time was daring: to reach the top of the mountain next to our hostle. This was definitly not for the faint-hearted: The steep, rocky ground crumbled beneath our feet and the mossy areas required a lot of stamina.

A fear of heights would definitley have been problematic, too, as looking back out over the ledge, the descent seemed almost verticle!

We must warn you that the danger of such a climb is not to be belittled: we had to take care not to climb behind each other, as falling rocks were a common occurence, which could have had severe consequences.

This time, only nine of us prevailed and ventured up to the peak. But some of the others still carried on at their own pace. It was amazing how fast some of our group marched up that mountain and it was quite practical having two strong boys in our group, who took over the role of bag carriers!

The highest ICE-group-picture ever...

The immaculate mountains that cradled the luscious, green valley made for breakthtaking views at every point. It was a truly amazing hike and we felt like giants compared to the tiny dots that were the scattered houses below us and the blue threads that were the icy streams. The problem with hiking is that you’re often so focused on your feet that you rarely look around at your surroundings, but when you do, you’re almost too mesmirised to go on again!

When we were finally back at the guesthouse- the descent took a lot longer than expected, as we had to zigzag our way down to avoid hitting each other with falling rocks- we had a well-earned break with games and hot chocolate before getting together to talk about a brilliant idea Arved had: that we all write messages to put into bottles that would then be put on an ice floe off the north-east coast of Greenland when Arved went there on his expedition. We were put into three groups to come up with a message. In the end we had three different messages with slightly different objectives: to shock, to dismay, to warn. As one big group we adjusted all of them slightly and were able to put them into one message that tied together all of their unique strengths.

After dinner we had a discussion with Dirk about the ethics of preventing Climate Change when so many countries are still fighting to stay alive. In the discussion, we were confronted with many frustating aspects about politics, money and wastage. It became clear to us that it was in the hands of our generation to do something. Dirk presented two interesting ideas of solutions and we decided that it was time to do something, as: Theories won’t save the future. Actions will.

So we decided that we should write a petition to the governments of the world with the solution that we wholeheartedly support. It may only be a tiny drop compared to the vast ocean of politics, but it’s definitly worth a try!

Stella (Estonia) & Sophie (United Kingdom)

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