July 26th, 2011: Day 6

Time to say to goodbye to our guesthouse Skeið

Hot Pot

Hello sweet diary!

This diary actually starts with last night ...

After the tired teachers finally went to bed, we were sitting peacefully at the table playing card games like every day. Since we have played every game from every country, someone came up with a different idea which surprised all the teachers in the morning. Here are the rules: the one who gets the lowest number on the card had to write a strange letter to one of the teachers and bring it to his tent/bed - at midnight in the middle of mysterious and foggy mountains.

In the morning, we actually received an answer from Dirk to the Lords of the Clouds (us). That was just the beginning of a really funny day! After Myriam’s wonderful breakfast, unfortunately it was time to leave the guesthouse in Skeith. We packed our stuff and we all said goodbye to her and her sweet little child Mauni who was constantly playing with us surprisingly, the bus driver made it on time and brought us back to Húsavik safely with a great view over the fjords of Iceland. We had lunch which was prepared by Regina and the super fast kitchen crew consisting of Daniella and Ronja. Then it was finally time to do some serious work by going to the computer lab to write proposals for the simulation game. For about two hours we all tried our best to write convincing letters to the delegates of other countries.

As soon as the free time started, Ezgi went to check out all the souvenir shops downtown Húsavik (like every day!). Afterwards, the whole group met and talked again about the results of the discussion from last night.

Topic: How should we care about the climate change socially and economically?

Last questions of Ezgi to our famous teacher Ulrich

Our decision to write a declaration to the world’s governements still needed to be discussed. The goal is to raise the public awareness and start taking action rather than theories.

The action went on with writing messages for bottles which will be put on an ice floe at the Northeast coast of Greenland by Arved Fuchs and his crew. After doing what we are supposed to do we dedicated ourselves to the food. As soon as we finished we went to a hot tub (heated by geothermal energy) coming up from 1500m under the earth. We jumped into the pool and enjoyed ourselves for about 45 minutes playing with the water and talking.

On our way home the weather did not like us but Daniella liked it (she walked barefooted the whole way). When we got home, Dirk made some hot chocolate for us and we listened to some music and played card games.

PS: We need to mention that Ulrich and Arne had to wait until 11.30 because of us. We are truly sorry ...

Ezgi (Turkey) & Ronja (Germany)

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