July 28th, 2011: Day 8

Marko schien der Schwefelgeruch nicht wirklich zu gefallen...


This day started with a great breakfast from Regina, Kathleen, Karl-Erik and Aileen, followed by a very interesting lecture from Ulrich about the use of geothermal energy in Iceland. He showed us the theory of the moving continental plates and the working of a geothermal powerstation, things we could see later on in reality. Afterwards we watched the rawcut of a film about the 2007 ICE Climate-Education Camp in Svalbard, Spitzbergen. We could see how the idea of the camp started and how it worked the first time in real life. We saw new things, but also old friends we know from this camp: Arved, Ulrich, Dirk and this time Siren as a student just like us. It was very interesting to see the beginnig of the ICE camps. After the film we discussed if we should care about the climate change or if it would be better just to state that the change wouldn’t affect anything.

We came to the end that we would carry on with the discussion later that day.We still had time until lunch so we went to the computer lab and worked on our relations with the other countries in our simulation game. After the kitchen crew had prepared another wonderful lunch (thanks Regina!), we had spare time till 14:00 o’clock, when we left for another excursion.At first we had another...let’s call it interesting drive with our favourite busdriver Matthias, but after about one hour we arrived at the sulfur fields

Here you could see – and smell – the sulfuric activity of Iceland

At this place, lots of small ponds were full of bubbling, stinking grey mud and small rocks emitting hot steam. After some seconds of standing in front of this steam you would be wet las if you had just been under a shower and you smelt ... so let’s say, NOT so good. It was fascinating to see the steam and the hot bubbling mud coming directly from the upper layers of the earth. Because of the lecture from Ulrich in the morning, we knew everything about the different layers of the inner earth. And we knew a lot about the next place of our excursion: the geothermal power station of Krafla. After five minutes with Matthias, we arrived in front of the power station. Inside, an interesting film about the history and the working of the powerstation welcomed us.

Stella durfte als Erste die Geschenke auspacken

ut this stuff we already knew because of the morning lecture, so we could walk up the 60 steps (in the end they were only 59!) up to a viewing point inside the powerstation. After a short look at the roaring turbines, we walked down again those 60 (59!) steps and moved towards our waiting bus. Then Kathleen and Aileen discovered a big rock of cold lava in front of the power station. After a short time, the two and Marco, Karl-Erik and Daniella were to be seen on top of the cooled lava and they came back with some new presents – lavastones. The last point of our trip was a site where the Eurasian and the American continental plates divide. While some of us went to America with one step, others walked down to a hot pool beneath the lava, almost like the interior of the earth.

Everybody put in his – or her- feet, except Kathleen, she wanted to try whether she could swim in it wearing her normal clothes. After a short meeting with some nuns and some sheep, everybody came back to the bus again and we could drive home. Some of us used the trip to get some sleep - we would need it for the upcoming night.

After an hour we finally made it back to Húsavik without getting lost again on the way. Back home, the kitchen-crew prepared the tables for dinner which today was a buffet with some dipps and salads, prepared by Regina again. Afterwards, we all sat in a circle and played a dice game, in preparation of the exchange of gifts we brought with us from our home countries. There were some very funny tasks indeed, and also some lovely performances like Daniellas singing. WOW.

It turned out to be a wonderful evening with lots of fun and friendship. We are all very sad now that it’s our last evening in Hùsavik and we have to leave this wonderful place tomorrow. And now we are all looking forward to a great night with all of us in the livingroom.

Aileen (Germany) & Karl-Erik (Estonia)

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