11.06.2017: Marstal


After our first night on board of the Ryvar we had breakfast at 8 a.m.. At 9 Dirk introduced us to the subject of climate change. After a short coffe break Sonja Oberbeckmann from the Leibniz-Institut Ostseeforschung at Warnemünde presented us with the Leibniz-Projekt MikrOMIK by talking about microplastic in the Baltic Sea.

We were captured by both of the interesting presentations. Shortly after that the Ryvar set sail to Marstal in Denmark. Lunch was held in the sunshine on deck. Then Saskia, our “first boatswoman“, gave us some general information about sailing and safety on board. We helped setting the sails to catch more wind and enjoyed some freetime.

Then the first conference of the simulation game took place. There we were introduced to our new identities and the goals of our companies. More freetime was to come, we enjoyed ourselves in the sun, with some games or lying in the Yankee net. Late in the afternoon we saw two Harbour Porpoises, they were very cute. After a very good dinner prepared by our cook Elise the second conference started. We exchanged different demands according to our individual role-profiles. Now it is about 9  p.m. and we are writing this diary while waiting for the arrival of the „Dagmar Aaen“ with Arved Fuchs on board.
It was an exciting and funny first day!

Claire (Luxemburg),Paulina (Germany), Amanda (Germany)


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Tuesday, 30. May 2017