12.06.2017: Lyø


Today we started again with a very nice breakfast. Then Arved Fuchs, whose ship had been moored next to us, welcomed us to the 10th anniversary of the ICE-Youth Camp. He explained to us, how the climate camp was born and that everybody was happy how it turned out. We are very pleased to be part of it. His ship the „DAGMAR AAEN“ is wooden made and truly beautiful. The beds on board are hidden in the walls and really small.Everything is original like it was in 1931 except the navigation room, which is contains high technology for expeditions in the Arctic.

After that Siren Rühs, who was a participant at the first ICE Camp in 2007 and then studied Physical Oceanography, presented us the ocean and its role in climate change. The ocean covers more than 75% of the world´s surface. So there are also many of the living creatures of the earth. We humans couldn`t live without the ocean because it stabilizes our climate, provides transport ways and gives us food. Afterwards we visited the pretty cool Sofartsmuseum of Marstal. There we learned a lot about local ships and the life of Marstal sailors in former times. We had the impression, that the museum was endless, because there were so many rooms.

Most of them were extraordinary because they were rebuilt in great detail, for example a very cool navigation room. We could see how ships were built in the past by visiting reconstructed old workshops. There was also the opportunity to see how the crew and the captain lived in the old ships. We saw that the cabins were even bigger than ours on the Ryvar, but our furniture wasn`t really fixed to the ground. The whole group had much fun at the museum and on top of that four of us had also fun by climbing in a playground formed like a ship where actually only children were allowed to play.Then we started our journey to the next destination,  from Marstal to the island of Lyo.

The trip was very exciting, because it was so windy, that we couldn´t set up the sails and had to run by engine. Some of us got very wet by standing on deck when waves were crashing against the ship. Then we had our second simulation game conference where an argument started about the proposals of  imaginative oil companies, that wanted to exploit oil in the polar ocean under the arctic ice . But for example there is GreenArcticOrg on the other side, who defends flora and fauna and the cultures in the Arctic against oil drilling. We all had much fun discussing the problems and started to get an idea of how it was to be in a real debate. Then we reached the harbour of the small and beautiful island of Lyo. There some of us went swimming or playing soccer at the wonderful beach despite of the baltic coolness of the sea.

Paulina (Germany) & Amanda (Germany)

Sponsoren, Förderer & Partner

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Tuesday, 30. May 2017