13.06.2017: Middelfart


The kitchen crew woke up at 7.30 and prepared breakfast. Others slept in till 8.00. The best thing about our breakfast is that we can make Nutella sandwiches. After a lovely breakfast we had a lecture about cod tagging in the Baltic sea by Kate McQueen of the Thünen Institute, Rostock. We learned why the cod tagging project became necessary and for example how to estimate the age of a fish. When you catch a cod with a special tag attached to it, you can get 20 Euros for it if you send it to the Thünen Institut.

Before leaving the harbor, we went to a small kiosk in Lyo and bought ice cream. On the way to the kiosk we saw a cow farm and some other animals. Then we started our journey to Middelfart. Since it was windy, we helped to set the sails. The journey lasted all together about 10 hours, which is our longest trip so far. The waves were enormous and some people got seasick. We had our lunch on the deck in the sunshine while enjoying the sea view. During the turn we also played some board games and prepared some things for the simulation game.

The simulation game meeting was pretty interesting this time, because there were lots of different opinions and we could not agree on anything. Afterwards Saskia asked us to help take down the sails because we were arriving to Middelfart. Meanwhile Elise had cooked dinner and everyone was already really hungry. There was risotto and pineapple dessert on the menu, which was delicious as always. Later that night after the arrival we went for a walk near the harbor. We were looking for a supermarket, but it was already too late and almost all the shops were closed. Nevertheless we found a place with a breathtaking view and watched the sunset. Jan also saw a  big jellyfish in the water. We got back from our walk and saw that Dirk had returned on board of "Ryvar". It was a long day and  we went to bed at 23.00.

Leena (Estonia) & Markus (Estonia)




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Tuesday, 30. May 2017