14.06.2017: Årøsund


Today we got up at 6am. and we (Oisín & Jan) went for a run in the forests of Middelfart along the sea. The weather was sunny and warm and we had a lot of fun. When we were back at our ship "Ryvar" breakfast was nearly ready and the three voluntary instructors (Maria, Kate and Siren), who held very interesting presentations already had had their breakfast and were on their way to leave our ship. Also sad was that Arne had to leave us and the ship felt like being empty without them. To get the breakfast on time we had to hurry up to to be able to shower. After breakfast Arved came over to our ship and held a presentation with a lot of pictures about his expeditions and the current state of the earth, when it comes to environmental problems. Then a short break followed, that was intensively used by us to buy presents for our families, sending postcards, taking photos and discover the city with it’s beautiful pier.

The next presentation was about porpoises and the effect of human activities on these fascinating animals. Did you know that they do use click noises to navigate and communicate at a frequency of 130 KHz? The human capacity of hearing lies by up to 20 KHz. We certainly did not and were all just fascinated by that animal. But it was also as astonishing, that they can change their heart rates from about 200 bpm to just 50 bpm within 3 seconds! (Link Institut for Bioscience)

The third and last presentation for today was about humpback whales and the impact of human activity on their population. For this Pierre, a whale scientist, joined our crew on the Ryvar and will stay until tomorrow. Today’s lunch, which followed Pierre’s presentation, was a Gulasch soup. As always not the best food on earth, but we had been able to swallow it and all of us survived. JUST JOKING! As always it was delicious.

The sails were set and while we slowly saw Middlefart fade away from us, we were called down under deck and met for the next simulation game conference. We had long discussions and weren’t able to arrive at any compromises. But as the time faded away,  just as Middlefart did earlier, we slowly approached Arosund and to be able to also have a sneak outside and to recover from our hard discussions , we terminated the conference and enjoyed being on the old sailing vessel under all seven sails. Lying on the sunny deck or in the net, hanging freely above the water in the front of our ship was very relaxing. The day came to a harmonious end by eating self made pizza (VERY DELICIOUS!), while enjoying the new atmosphere at this new harbour. Finally we presented some presentations about the effects of global warming on our home countries to each other, looked at the pictures of our (sexy) photographer Uwe and now we are sitting here, at one of the big tables in our main room under the deck,  writing the Diary until sunrise.

Jan (Germany) & Oisin (Germany)


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Tuesday, 30. May 2017