16.06.2017: Departure


Departure day it was and a sunny day too. We got up very early and had breakfast at 7:30 a.m. Then we cleaned our cabins, everyone helped to clean up the kitchen and get any the junk out of the ship. Having piled up our luggage on the pier it was time to say good bye to Saskia and Joachim the captain of the "RYVAR", to Arved Fuchs and the crew of the "DAGMAR AAEN", to Uwe the fotographer and to Elise of course.

Then we headed for the nearby train station and took the train to Hamburg. At Flensburg Oisín had to leave us, since he was going back to the island of Sylt directly. Arriving at Hamburg main station at  2:02 pm , we were met by Arne and his wife Pam, who would take care of Martina, whose train was leaving Hamburg very late in the evening. Finally we all said good bye to each other and split up.

Leena, Markus and Selin went to Hamburg airport by commuter train to catch their flights home later in the afternoon.

The ICE-CLIMATE-EDUCATION Youth Camp No 10 was over.


Sponsoren, Förderer & Partner

Seit dem 17.2.2018 ist die gemeinnützige in.media.vitae foundation der Projektträger des I.C.E. Camp. Weitere Informationen, auch zu weiteren Förderern des Projekts, finden Sie auf www.imv-foundation.org.


Tuesday, 30. May 2017