03.07.2019: Arrival in Kiel


After  long and sometimes tedious journeys all our I.C.E. Youth Camp participants finally arrived at Kiel in the evening. Sarah and Viola from Italy arrived at Hamburg central station in the morning - one hour late, but safe and sound. They were met by Elise who took them to Hamburg airport to meet Kaur and Ryan flown in from Estonia. Elise took the four of them to her house in Hamburg-Bramfeld where they enjoyed a short power-nap. Later they drove back to the airport in order to meet Aylin from Turkey and Hristo from Bulgaria who had arrived in the afternoon.

The group then travelled on to Kiel harbour by the airport shuttle-bus sending a group photo en route to Ulrich and the three participants who had arrived at Hamburg central station in the afternoon: Keyu, Julia and Lukas. The Hamburg group actually received this picture while travelling to Kiel by train. The complicated tour happily ended on board of the "Ryvar" in the evening. Saskia, Diane, Kristina and as a surprise Siren, a former participant from 2007, were already waiting there. Needless to say that the day was topped by a delicious meal prepared by Diane. Later on Dirk from the Max Planck Institute arrived and  welcomed everyone on board for the ensuing camp. Then Ulrich briefly organized some jobs and duties everyone would have to do during the following days. Completely exhausted students soon disappeared into their bunks. The international I.C.E.-Youth Camp 2019 had begun.








Sponsoren, Förderer & Partner

Seit dem 17.2.2018 ist die gemeinnützige in.media.vitae foundation der Projektträger des I.C.E. Camp. Weitere Informationen, auch zu weiteren Förderern des Projekts, finden Sie auf www.imv-foundation.org.


Saturday, 22. June 2019