04.07.2019: Marstal


Today was our first sailing day. After breakfast, Dirk explained the differences between climate change in the past and climate change in the future. After those interesting facts, we went outside and started helping putting up the sails, while Saskia taught us about security on board and we all tried on one of those orange lifesaving jacket. Then we left Kiel harbour heading for Marstal in Denmark. Later Ulrich gave us our secret profile pages for the simulation game, so we started entering our roles and we walked around with our folders looking suspicioulsy at each other.

 We spent the remaining afternoon being seasick, sleeping and eating apples and chocolate biscuits. The wind was very strong and therefore the waves shook the ship. While sitting on the deck, hoping for the waves to disappear, a big wave crashed over us and we got very wet. We were all freezing, except for Ryan who wore a T-shirt all day long until he was told to put something on, so he wouldn‘t  get cold. After a long day of trying to survive we finally made it to Denmark and we arrived to the Harbour of Marstal. All the girls  annoyed Elise because they couldn´t wait to take a shower and they wanted those shower-coins, but we did not get them!  Later we had dinner and one of the tables stole the other table´s vegetables, and then we started a really interesting discussion about ice cream: If you have two scuffs of two different flavours, but you like one of them a little better, which one would you like on the top?

Now, at 8:45 p.m. we´re going to start the simulation game , reading the first proposal of the COSPRED 2019 document.  We are all excited to see how this will develop and how it will effect our personal relationships! And then we will have free time for the rest of the evening.

The magic coins for the showers have just arrived while we were writing our diary, so this night we all will be nice and clean in our sleeping bags!


Viola (Italy) and Berivan (Germany)








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Saturday, 22. June 2019