05.07.2019: Nyborg


Almost everyone appeared for breakfast this morning, except for Ryan, who was enjoying his sleep after playing UNO yesterday (until way after midnight). After that we started the simulation game with a presentation of the different parties. Keyu did a good job leading the game. By speaking with a Russian accent, which fitted to his role, Kaur made us laugh and thus relaxed the atmosphere. Then we went to a Museum at Marstal, the Søfartsmuseum, where lots of bottle-ships and paintings of ships were stored. There was a completely different room in there too, it was lighted just by blue lights in order to represent the underwater-world.

While walking you could hear whale noises. Because of our continuing discussions about ice-cream, Elise proposed to buy ice-cream for everyone of us. Some of us tasted softice, a Danish speciality. We left Marstal for Nyborg at lunchtime and we arrived late. Because today the weather was good, we had lunch on deck and also spent the whole afternoon outside. Luckily nobody got seasick today, since the beautiful scenery of Fyn – with extraordinary and colorful houses - was protecting us from strong winds. Then Diane surprised us with an almondcake which tasted like heaven. In the late afternoon everyone of us presented the impact of climate change in their home country to the group, so we talked about Germany, Italy, Estonia, Bulgaria, Turkey and China. While we were sitting there, a bumblebee and a moth turned up and joined us, earlier also a ladybird appeared which we didn’t want to get rid of.


There are just three out of seventeen on this ship not talking German and they sometimes start to feel a little cut out, so they started studying Estonian ;-).

It´s not by intention, but when they want to talk fast they just automatically switch language and it just sounds strange!

After dinner using WhatsApp we could call Arved Fuchs, who currently is in Iceland, present ourselves and ask him some questions. We asked him if he ever feels scared, how he deals with people who are in denial of climate change and many more questions. One of the funniest moments was when Ryan introduced himself and said he was from Russia and everybody started laughing. Because in fact he isn´t – he is from Estonia – but the simulation game had already changed him!


Viola (Italy) and Sarah (Italy)


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Saturday, 22. June 2019