06.07.2019: Kerteminde

Like yesterday Ryan didn’t appear to breakfast, although we tried to wake him up several times. After enjoying bread rolls, yogurt and other dishes, Steffi held a presentation about small scale fishing in the Baltic ocean. From the presentation we learned about the definition of small-scale fishing and the effects that it has on our oceans. She talked about by-catch and how we could prevent that using data collection. The presentation included their attempts to make data collection easier for fishermen so that they could analyse to find solutions to the problems.


After the simulation we watched an episode of “Tom and the slice of bread with strawberry jam and honey“ because some people on the ship didn't know it. After laughing about Tom being eaten by a frog we found together for the first official conference of the simulation game in which we talked about the second half of the points mentioned in the contract and made some game-changing decisions.

We departed at 13 o’clock and ate goulash a short time after. Later while sailing the girls made up a tongue twister about Swedish swans. We ate apple scumble, some of us slept a bit to compensate the time they were awake at night, Aylin served us Turkish delight and we watched two more episodes of Tom.


We arrived at Kerteminde at 18 o’clock and as soon as the ship ready for the night we went downstairs to eat tortellini and the leftovers of the day before. In the evening we explored the city and some participants took a shower to clean their body from the salt of the sea.


Sponsoren, Förderer & Partner

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Saturday, 22. June 2019