07.07.2019: Samsø


The day began with bad news: Steffi and Dirk had to leave us because they needed to go back to Rostock and Hamburg. Still drying our tears we went to the museum „Fjord&Baelt“, where we were able to hold seastars and little crabs in our own hands (they feel like a peeling sponge) . It is the only museum in Denmark which focusses also on the death of animals in the sea: A part of a dead seal in a tank was actively "decomposed" by crabs. The most exiting moment of the visit to the museum was the training session of seals and a habour porpoise called Freja.


When we left Kerteminde we ate hot dogs (a Danish specialty) and some fruit salad. While Elise was spreading ketchup on her bread, a tiny little splash of it landed upon Ryans cheek. So we still had some entertainment although Dirk was not joining us anymore.

In our simulation game the first paragraphs were written and so the game is running. What was not running was the rest of the afternoon: The waves were pretty high and so some of us got seasick again. Ryan and Sarah laid down to survive the waves watching the clouds. However, suddenly a lot of water crashed down on them. Kaur just laughed. Pretty soon we recognized why that had  happened:  We had been about to crash into another ship, so the captain had to make way  immediately. We then had to pull down the sails and just at this moment another huge wave splashed over everyone of us. So the sea served justice by wetting everyone and not only the two of us. Later we asked Ryan if he was "dry(´n)" and made a pun of it. During the rough crossing to Samsoe some of us went to sleep. Others spent the rest of the journey on deck and watched  our RYVAR literally crashing into Samso harbour, making a most elegant pinpoint landing at the pier. After dinner Christina showed us our own CO2-Emissions of our first four days and which kind of food had emitted the most CO2: butter and beef.

Latest news: Kaur‘s phone fell to the ground and is now half broken. Well, well, well…


Berivan (Germany) and Sarah (Italy)


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Saturday, 22. June 2019