08.07.2019: Samsø


Today was a wonderful day. We woke up and had a delicious breakfast, then Diane told us to  prepare our lunch packets for today's bike trip. They consisted of a bread-roll, an apple, a boiled egg and three different muesli bars.


After the kitchen crew had finished their duties, Christina held an interesting and informative presentation about the influence of the climate change on the Baltic Sea – a special ocean. We learned a lot about how temperature, salinity and other properties of the water changed over the last decades and the presentation even included photos and videos Christina made during her experience on research vessels.


Thirty minutes later we took off for our incredible, awesome biking tour. We rode our bike across the island and visited the famous canal built by the Vikings several hundred years ago to easily get their ships either to the western or the eastern coast of Samsø. We then had a nice picknick eating our lunch packets on a nice meadow next to the shore.


As soon as we had restored our energy, we took off again to ride our bikes to a campsite, where we wanted to collect all man made beach litter that we could find on the shore over a distance of 100m.  On our way there we stopped a few times to take a look at new local wine yards ( climate change), a typical danish house and the beautiful flora and fauna around us. We were surprised about how much litter we could find and the almost endless diversity of man-made junk that had been dumped or got pushed to shore. Examples for this diversity are huge parts of bricks, a cable and even a tooth brush that Hristo found between the grass.


After we collected everything we were quite happy about the I.C.E.cream Elise bought for us and went back to our beautiful sailing vessel, the Ryvar. Back on the Ryvar we renewed our sunscreen and went to the beach. A few of us swam in the water while others stayed dry on the sand and listened to some music. We all missed Ryan because he stepped onto a seashell and had to return to the ship.


After Kaur had dug himself into the sand and acted like a dancing plastic figure that you normally find in front of fuel stops or at shop opening ceremonies we got back to the ship and enjoyed chili-sin-carne. In the evening we categorized and documented the litter we had collected earlier. We came to the conclusion that in total we collected 3.662kg of litter consisting of plastic packaging, plastic articles, rubber, paper, manufactured wood, glass, sanitary and ceramics. 


We used the rest of the day to chat, interview each other for the two-4-two interviews and walked around the busy harbor.


Keyu (China), Julia & Lukas (Germany)


Sponsoren, Förderer & Partner

Seit dem 17.2.2018 ist die gemeinnützige in.media.vitae foundation der Projektträger des I.C.E. Camp. Weitere Informationen, auch zu weiteren Förderern des Projekts, finden Sie auf www.imv-foundation.org.


Saturday, 22. June 2019