09.07.2019: Middelfart


After the usual breakfast we visited the Energy Academy near the harbour in Samsø. There our guide David showed us the ground and the installations the modern building, which was built in 2007. David told us about Samsø’s switch to a renewable energy island and their plans to make Samsø eco-friendly. The people living on the island built many wind turbines after winning a competition by the Danish government. The farmers were finally willing to built wind turbines on the island because they could invest their own money and then made a profit by selling the electricity.

Currently Samsø’s heating system is entirely powered by wind energy and the island is aiming to be carbon neutral by 2030.

The Energy Academy was also built as part of the project and is a beautiful combination of an old-fashioned viking long house and modern self-sufficient technology. David showed us how the academy communicated with local farmers and we even watched a short part of a Simpsons episode related to the introduction of renewable energy.

As soon as we returned to Ryvar we had a delicious lunch and then left beautiful Samsø to sail to Middelfart. The weather was really nice and everyone felt well. On our way we continued with the Two 4 Two interviews and had interesting discussions about tea and ice cream while eating Diane´s  lemon cake. We arrived in Middefart soon after we finished dinner and saw many porpoises and jellyfish at the harbour.
Then we welcomed Clara and Dirk who work at the same institute as our “old” Dirk. Together we watched Ulrich’s very informative presentation about porpoises. We learned a lot about their behaviour and their environment. Now we are really looking forward to visiting the porpoise monitoring station here at Middelfart.

Hristo (Bulgaria), Julia (Germany), Keyu (China)


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Saturday, 22. June 2019