10.07.2019: Sonderburg



Today we had a nice breakfast, even Ryan appeared at breakfast surprising everyone. Then we lined up on deck to say good-bye to Christina, who had been monitoring the I.C.E.-Camp´s CO2 emission since we started at Kiel harbour with scientific accuracy. Clara will take over this project.

We visited the harbour porpoise monitoring station at Middelfart where we got to know in more detail how the monitoring station works. We also admired the jellyfish which drifted in the seawater right next to it. Sarah, Julia and Keyu got in close contact with a jellyfish which made everyone else jelly. After that all of us went into the city. Some of them went shopping, other just to explore the city.


By twelve o’clock we had gathered onboard the RYVAR in order to start sailing. Keyu is a professional masseuse :) ,so she did a massage for many people onboard. After lunch we had an informative and interactive discussion about renewable energy and how it was connected with the climate change. We were delighted to have cookies and tea in between. We later learned about a very special idea Elise had come up with: that we could stay on the anchor for a night. Something the captain had offered instead of going into a nearby harbour.  Aylin did an opinion poll and anchoring won 8 to 6.


Having enjoyed those cookies and an enlightening conversation, half of us went onto the net in the front of the ship and the rest were doing puzzle games and argued about math-problems. Before the net experience Saskia informed the adventurers about safety instructions and they were connected to a safety rope. We really enjoyed the time we spent on the net staring at the sky and the horizon. The wind was blowing and we could hear the water splashing underneath. Meanwhile there were some messages exchanged between the parties even though we didn’t have a simulation game conference, this day. The participants also got important news from the game´s office.


After puzzling our brains and enjoying the thrill of the sea, we proceeded to enjoy Diane’s wonderful cooking.  For most of us her spinach lasagna was the best lasagna we ever had. Currently at 10 pm, while still sailing into a small and quiet bay south-west of Sonderburg, we are keen to watch the anchor being set and then get through the night shifts. No landfall today, but night- watches until tomorrow morning. Stay tuned.


Aylin (Turkey) & Ryan (Estonia)


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Saturday, 22. June 2019