11.07.2019: Sonderburg


The RYVAR was anchored inside a small bay last night, meaning that all of us had to take turns doing night watches on the ship. There were five groups of 2-3 people in total, who had to stay outside for two hours each. In order to keep them cozy and warm they had a bowl of candy and hot tea.
Because of the unusual event we had breakfast late at 9:00, so we could rest more after the exhausting night. After having breakfast, we put the sails up and started slowly sailing towards the harbour of Sonderburg. During our trip Dirk and Clara had prepared a board game about climate change and politics between nations for us. After a long game and many arguments Canada (played by Hristo) won as the countries succeeded in saving the Polar ice together. Later, when the game had finished, we discussed the cooperation between the players and how it translated to the final result.

Soon after the board game ended we began our simulation game conference, where we had debates about new proposals for our COSPRED agreement. Since we were cruizing on quiet waters, after finishing our conference we had the chance to take a swim in the Baltic Sea. A few of us were brave enough to swim in the cold water. We jumped from the RYVAR, played with jellyfish and tested one of our life vests, which automatically open up when they get into contact with the salty sea water. Our life-jacket  passed the test.

After the swim we had mac and cheese for lunch and then had some free time. Near the harbour we noticed a fin that happened to belong to a dolphin. It was the first dolphin encounter for many of us and we were so excited that the captain decided to turn around for us to admire this beautiful creature once again.

After the dolphin lost interest in us we finally moored the ship at Sonderburg harbour, after being at  sea for more than 24 hours. Before dinner, consisting of potatoes with pesto and mozarella cheese, we had some time to explore the new city.

The rest of the evening we were free to do whatever we wanted ( i.e. Two4Two interviews) but later at night it unfortunately started to rain.

Hristo (Bulgaria) & Kaur (Estonia)


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Saturday, 22. June 2019