12.07.2019: Flensburg


Today’s morning started with a breakfast. After that we prepared ourselves for the final simulation game  conference. The StarOil party put all the amendments together and showed all the new version of the COSPRED proposal to all the parties. Since every amendment had been discussed in previous sittings, the last conference went very smoothly. Every party agreed on the proposals. Following tradition we rang the bell after every party had signed the proposal. It was very interesting to have the chance to look at every party’s secret page after the game. Now we were outside our characters and the simulation game was over. We then did two surveys giving a feedback on the game.


Later we took some group pictures in Sonderburg, wearing our ICE Camp T-shirts and caps and holding the traditional globe.

At noon, we started sailing towards our final destination Flensburg. Due to the nice weather we had our lunch on deck and later some people went onto the net in front of the vessel. While sailing we had an another discussion about climate engineering with Clara and Dirk . We formed two groups, one focusing on reducing the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere and the other one talking about solar radiation systems. Then we presented our ideas to each other. Later we had some free time until we arrived at the harbour. We were amazed to see  a lot of old steamers in Flensburg and we learned that there was a harbour festival and a race in which historical steamers competed against each other. We explored the city a little bit until we started with our barbecue. While enjoying our meal we had fun watching the old steamers arriving back at the harbour.

The I.C.E-certificates were ceremoniously handed out to us for participating in the camp. Following that we exchanged and presented the gifts we brought with us from our home  countries.  Much applauded and great fun. The day ended with wonderful fireworks over Flensburg harbour.


Aylin (Turkey) & Kaur (Estonia)


Sponsoren, Förderer & Partner

Seit dem 17.2.2018 ist die gemeinnützige in.media.vitae foundation der Projektträger des I.C.E. Camp. Weitere Informationen, auch zu weiteren Förderern des Projekts, finden Sie auf www.imv-foundation.org.


Saturday, 22. June 2019