North Atlantic

The path of the Viking

The winter spent in Upernavik in Greenland on the "Dagmar Aaen" came to an end with the arrival of the new crewmembers. Arved Fuchs and his crew set off from Hamburg in June of last year on his "North Pole Dusk" expedition during which they jouneyed to the higher northern regions of Greenland and Canada.
Their goal, together with National Geographic Germany, was to follow the traces of the historical Greely Expedition. In October the crew arrived with the cutter at her winter quarters in a bay not far from Upernavik on the 73° north.
The ship remained here in the care of three crewmembers; the rest of the crew flew home.


Newfoundland and Nova Scotia

Arved Fuchs and his international crew will set off from Upernavik heading for several islands in the Atlantic, where an exciting film project will take place - the crew will be sailing along the path of the Vikings. After leaving Greenland, which was discovered by the Vikings, the crew will head for Canada, where the Vikings also had settlements.
The first destinations for the expedition ship will be Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, before heading across the Atlantic to the Hybrids and smaller islands like St. Kilda and Fair Isle.
The "Dagmar Aaen" is expected back in Hamburg at the end of September.

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