21.07.2020: Middelfart


A day on the belt

We have strong northwesterly winds as we set off early in the morning. We want to reach Middelfart and that means that we are up against headwinds all day.

A modern yacht might sail such a course a little easier, but our ship was constructed for another purpose. It is an absolutely reliable working vessel. When it was built in 1931, the fishermen wanted and needed a boat they could trust their lives with. They would have laughed over any sailing contests.

Although we must sail directly into the wind, the "Dagmar Aaen" eases steadily through the choppy waters - totally unaffected by the unpleasant weather. I feel absolutely safe on board this ship.

Seven hours later we spot the bridge by Middelfart. We are relaxed and confident - wind and weather have not affected us.

The sun is shining when we tie up at the pier. We enjoy a beer and take a review of the events of the day. I can understand the fishermen of those past days. Despite some difficult circumstances, I am relaxed and feeling good. In my opinion, this is a huge compliment to the ship. We have reached our day's goal and are looking forward to another day on board.



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Monday, 20. July 2020