24.08.2015: Vigo


It was late in the evening when we were able to bunker in Falmouth. We left the small harbour city on Friday and were therefore relatively quickly welcomed by the remaining storm turbulence. South of England's Land's End, the breakers off the beam became stronger and combined with the strong winds our "Dagmar Aaen" began to reel. Under foresail, jib and a shortened mainsail, we sailed at times up to 7,5 knots against the waves. This was a great challenge for the night watch; they could not see the approaching breakers and were constantly forced to react to significant changes in course. This, however, gave the new arrivals on board the "Dagmar Aaen" the chance to get to know and appreciate one another...

To top it all, half way to Spain we discovered that the notorious Bay of Biscay had taken its toll. The plastic insulation on the gaff claw had broken and had, because of the high pressure, damaged the mast in some places. A first emergency repair was necessary on the high seas. It would not otherwhise have been possible to continue sailing.

One learnt - never forgotten

We also experienced a second aspect of the Bay of Biscay - days of heat and calm. This was not bad for us as we couldn't really sail anyway under the circumstances. When we arrived in Vigo, we realized that the harbor we had chosen was more or less designed for modern yachts. But Volker turned the cutter and maneuvered her backwards to a pier as if it were a Bavaria with a bow and stern thruster. Once learnt - never forgotten.

There the gaff claw was taken off completely and after a six-hour search we even found a shop whose owner was able to get us new nylon plates. We were almost totally enthused as we discovered that the pump handle was missing. Fabian and Volker searched the whole ship but it couldn't not be found.

The emergency bilge pump can only be used this way and therefore I had the wonderful task of finding a locksmith who more or less understood what I wanted. Finally, in a night shift, two marine engineers made a new one.

Today, Friday - Arved, Matze and Joachim have left us - Jeremias is new on board. We had to wait a bit for his gear and therefore left Vigo shortly after noon. We are now heading for Portugal.

Jan Kuchenbecker




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Wednesday, 12. August 2015