26.08.2015: Lagos


Atlantic - Portuguese Coast: Under the best of weather conditions, the "Dagmar Aaen" left the Spanish town of Vigo on August 21st. Thet next destination is Lagos on the southern coast of Portugal.

Due to a small defect in the rudder hydraulic system, we were forced to return to the next best harbor after just one day at sea. In Figueira da Foz, Volker and Fabian begin immediately with the necessary repairs so that the ship can continue on again. As we sail on, we are met with the rest of a storm which passed over Vigo on Sunday.

Cabo de São Vicente

The ship rolls almost the whole time in the so-called "swell" of a partly high cross sea which is coming from the north-west and which causes parts of the deck to be covered with water. Considering the high temperature, the oven on board ist not heated and that is why Jan's birthday on August 24th is celebrated with a cake which was bought in a store.

Unfortunately, the winds we would need to set the sails are not setting in and this makes the use of the motor necessary. Under these conditions, we pass the southern tip of Portugal on Monday around midnight - Cape St. Vincent. We are often accompanied by dolphins that dive and swim right next to the ship in the bow wave.

Many a tourist, as we will see in Lagos, book special tours to experience just this. At the crack of dawn and with clear weather we arrive in the harbor of Lagos. From here the "Dagmar Aaen" will take course for Lanzarote - one of the Canary Islands.

Jeremias Stein


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Wednesday, 12. August 2015