31.08.2015: Arrecife


It took us about a week to cross to Lanzarote. The ship's routine goes on as usual. The steering gear is still giving us some problems - we are forced to furl the sails and continue on under engine.

We celebrate Ruben's 20th birthday on August 28th. We are all preparing ourselves for the fact that there will be no land in sight for a while. Sightings of other ships on the horizon or on the AIS (a marine digital radar system) are becoming fewer and eventually there are none at all.

Humpback Whale

The helm watch can see nothing but the water surface from the deck. Considering the monotony of it all, an unexpected observation surprises even more. A young humpack whale that jumps at the horizon and dives beside the ship showing us its fluke - and another whale that accompanies the Dagmar for a few minutes. While the ship plows through the water the bow wave scares up other sea creatures. In twos or small swarms they flee as quickly as lightning in a gliding motion which reminds one of dragonflies meters over the crest of the waves. Of course we are referring to flying fish. Also a sea turtle that seem sluggish and leisurely in contrast passes us going in the other direction.

During the night before the eyes of the 0/4 watch small fish jump from the moon-lit bow wave and are chased by predatory fish. Observations such as these are the exception and not the rule. Marine phosphorescence glows in each wave that spills over the deck.

Destination Praia

From the board, one looks only at the surface of the sea and of course you realize that it is a diverse habitat for various life forms. One sees more than just "water".

We are looking forward to what the stretch holds for us on the way to our next destination. Arndt and Frauke came on board in Arrecife and are now two new crewmembers. We are heading for Praia the capital city of the Republic of Cabo Verde.

Jeremias Stein


Sponsoren, Förderer & Partner


Wednesday, 12. August 2015