Spitsbergen 2013

Franz Josef Land

On Wednesday the 3rd of July, 2013 Arved Fuchs from Bad Bramstedt is travelling to Tromsø in Norway, where the “Dagmar Aaen” has been since the completion of last year’s expedition. From there, Fuchs will sail with his international crew to the Russian Arctic. The destination of this year’s journey is the Franz-Josef-Land Archipelago.

Fuchs sailed the island group of Franz-Josef-Land 22 years ago during the “ICESAIL”-Expedition. The “Dagmar Aaen” was the first western ship to receive permission to approach this island group. It is to this day very difficult to get permission for an expedition to this archipelago in the northern Arctic Ocean.

Fuchs plans to document the extreme changes and conduct measurements of the thickness of the ice

In the year 1951, extremely difficult ice conditions seriously interfered with navigation. The situation there has changed drastically in the meantime. Not only Franz-Josef-Land but the entire Northeast Passage along the Siberian coast is almost completely free of ice during the summer months. Fuchs plans to document the extreme changes and conduct measurements of the thickness of the ice.

In agreement with the Russian national park authorities, the leader of the expedition also plans to visit certain historical points – these being much easier to reach now than they were at the beginning of the 90’s. There are numerous depots and base camps which have not been rediscovered till this day. With the help of national park administrative assistants, a type of “stock-taking” will be undertaken.

Prior to the new expedition, the seventh International youth camp "Ice Climate Education” took place on board the “Ryvar”. Ten young people from eight different nations took part in the camp and sailed from Bergen in Norway to the Sogne Fiord. Following numerous lectures on the changes in climate, the members took part in an excursion to Jostedalsbreen, the largest mainland glacier on the European mainland. Fuchs evaluated the ICE-Project once again as having been a great success and was extremely pleased over the motivated members who possessed a thirst for knowledge.

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Wednesday, 7. August 2013