02.06.2018: Meeting with the DGzRS


The „Dagmar Aaen“ - a maritime ambassador. Where ever we arrive with  the Haicutter, we meet and come into conversation with people through the ship. On Helgoland as well: Tourists read with interest the info poster which contains facts about the ship and the expedition. People from other ships visit us, ask questions and offer their help. When we had trouble getting shore power in the south harbor on Helgoland, the crew on the ship moored next to us immediately helped. The captain of the oil recovery vessel from Lower Saxony explained to us that the ship’s generator had to run all day long. And whether one small sailing ship would be connected to its power supply or not, would not make any difference.

A cable connection is quickly linked and we have our power. Or there is the crew of the “Capella”. The crew is keeping track of our journey on the network and is very pleased when they can tie up directly next to the “Dagmar Aaen”. Two members of the crew visit us and present us with a fondly designed certificate with wishes for a successful expedition and signed by all the crewmembers – a very nice gesture. After a visit on board our ship, we then visit the survey ship from Rostock which is full of computer equipment. My personal highlight is a meeting with members of the DGzRS (the German Society for the Rescue of Castaways). The largest unit of rescuers is stationed on Helgoland on board the “Hermann Marvede”, which is almost 50 meters long. Arved knows the crew from earlier visits to Helgoland.

We are absolutely amazed as the ship is explained to us in all its aspects. The fire extinguishing equipment, the medical center, the bridge and the machine room all have gigantic dimensions. The rescuers,  during their return visit, are surprised at the amount of technical devices, safety equipment and provisions that can be stowed on a comparably small sailing vessel. The crew then offers to supply us with drinking water. This is perfect – we would have had to fill our tanks before heading on. The “Dagmar Aaen” comes alongside the rescue cruiser, a water hose is handed over and in a wink our tanks are full again.

Tim Frank, our cameraman, gets a very special “tour”. The “Hermann Marvede” lowers its power-dingy into the water. Tim goes on board and gets some very exciting footage of the “old” and the “young”. Two water vessels could not differ more  -on the one hand a traditional sailing ship and on the other an ultramodern rescue cruiser. Impressive shots are taken. On our departure, we are escorted by the “Verena” which finally encircles the “Dagmar Aaen” at full speed

We are all on deck and are applauding. Thank you for doing what you do, dear DGzRS.

Matze Steiner


Sponsoren, Förderer & Partner


Friday, 1. June 2018