06.06.2018: Butendiek


After a fascinating time spent on Helgoland, we headed directly to the offshore-wind park „Butendiek“, which lies approx. 30 sea miles off Sylt. Through the great cooperation we have with the German Wind Technology, we not only had the chance to enter the wind park and have a look around, but we were even picked up on the “Dagmar Aaen” by the (CTV) – the Crew Transfer Vessel.

Caro, Kristian and Tim, in cooperation with the German Wind Technology, had beforehand taken care of the necessary certificates and safety requirements needed for climbing on the transformer station.

Especially the climb over from the crew vessel onto the wind turbines or the transformer station requires high safety precautions. Necessary are not only many certificates but also of course the complete personal safety equipment including a climbing protection system and a survival suit in the case of a fall into the cold water. We were lucky - the water was above the critical water temperature and so we could climb in relatively light clothing.

Once on the platform we were given a detailed tour of the whole platform with all its technical equipment. We were accompanied by members of the German Wind Technology and were able to experience the hardly conceivable dimensions of the voltage converters and all the redundancy and safety technology. We were highly impressed by the extent of this technology so far out in the North Sea.

We would like to take the chance and extend a heartfelt thank you to the German Wind Technology for making this tour possible and for their great personal support, as well as to the CTV from Mainprize Offshore Limited.

Krischan Reincke



Sponsoren, Förderer & Partner


Friday, 1. June 2018