27.06.2018: Crossing to Iceland

Crossing to Iceland

Klaksvik is our last harbour on the Faroe Islands. This is the second largest city on the Islands with a very active fishing harbour. The people everywhere here express a warm hospitality with their hearts and their souls. The harbour master recognizes that the “Dagmar Aaen” was once a fishing vessel and greets us personally at the pier while we are docking. Shore power and fresh water for bunkering – everything is ready for us - 1st class service! He will not any accept any demurrage from us.  “You have a beautiful ship”, he answers briefly. Shortly afterwards he appears on the pier and hands us a big bag of fresh cod and plaice. “I’m sure you must be hungry”, he says briefly. Thomas, our ship’s cook, is in his element and shortly after there is a fish buffet with fresh salad on deck and we enjoy a part of the day’s catch from the local fishing company.

Due to the weather forecast sent to us from the maritime weather station in Hamburg, we must make a change in our course. The next storm front is forming off the south-west coast of Iceland. The meteorologists have expressly warned us of this next front. During the crew meeting in the morning, Arved informs us of the actual situation and of the new plans for the following days on our way to Iceland. In order to avoid the worst weather conditions, we must abandon our original plan to head directly to Reykjavik and instead set course for Seydisfjördur on the east coast of Iceland.  A few things must be considered here: crew change, project dates, life on board the ship – everything must be reorganized.

We are on our way early next morning. We sail out in the direction of Iceland at 6:00 am. 250 sea miles lie ahead of us. After a very short time we are confronted with high swells, strong squalls, rain and fog. But, we are still sailing around the worst of it on our new course. The temperature falls to under 10° and the water temperature is 5°. It has become much cooler.  We reach Iceland within two and a half days. There she is ahead of us – still a little sleepy at dawn- the coast of Iceland. Our first stop is the harbour of the fishing town Seydisfjördur. There are snow-covered mountains to the right and left of the fiord. Melt water streams crash in cascades down the mountain sides. Clouds, fog – it is an almost mystical place. The harbour master signals to us with his car lights where we are to dock and as everywhere else there is shore power waiting for us. We must now just wait for the customs officer to come on board to register us.

While it is teaming outside and the storm is getting worse, we are all seated in the mess with tea and freshly brewed coffee with the ship’s papers, crew list and passports ready. Everything Ok – the customs officer leaves and we can have breakfast.

We have arrived!

Peter Hipp


Sponsoren, Förderer & Partner


Friday, 1. June 2018