28.06.2018: Landfall and Soccer

Landfall and Soccer

Wind and waves cause the „Dagmar Aaen“  to dance through the water. The North Atlantic is rather calm today, but still the hand lines are attached and wearing a life jacket is an absolute must. Waves wash over the deck time and time again and break on the port side over the quarter deck.

After waiting so long in Seydisfjördur, we are glad to be on our way once again. We were repeatedly getting storm warnings. Only a short weather window allowed us to attempt the crossing to Iceland and after that, storm after storm were expected. Where do we get this information from exactly? The DVD – the German Weather Service - keeps us daily informed by satellite with weather forecasts and with the weather expected on our own route. The meteorological data show very clearly the time pattern of the wind and sea conditions for the next72 hours and allow us to determine which will be the best route to avoid the worst weather conditions. Many thanks to the Hamburg weather office!

On route to Greenland we pass by the south coast of Iceland – past snow-covered mountains, past Vatnajökull – the largest glacier in Iceland, black beaches and the Vestmannaeyjar Islands. We make a short stop in Grindavik to take on fresh water and fuel and to clear outwards with the customs office. Lauren joins us here and now the crew is complete. After Grindvik our course takes us past Eldey Island which homes the largest colony of gannets  in the world. Our next destination is the south coast of Greenland which we will follow until we reach the entrance to Prince Christian Sound in the south. But that is a long way off and will take us a few days to reach. The weather forecast is fine in any case: We expect low winds at the beginning which will increase and turn from west to south. We have southerly winds at the moment. Later we will have northerly winds which together with a southerly ocean current will carry us to southern Greenland.

All is going well till now thanks to perfect route guidance.

Peter Hipp

Sponsoren, Förderer & Partner


Friday, 1. June 2018