04.07.2018: Repair Stop

Repair Stop

The coast of Greenland was almost in sight. We had only 100 sea miles to the entrance of the Prince Christian Sound when we heard a strange noise from the machinery this morning. We thought at first that something had got caught in the propeller – a floating net for example. But this unfortunately was not the cause.

After a thorough inspection,  it was clear that a part of the pitch propeller was broken. We have the spare part on board but the ship must be taken out of the water to install it. The decision to return to Iceland was made quickly. We discussed together and came to the conclusion that it would be too risky to sail through the ice and the fiords with changing winds. And where could we safely slip the ship in Greenland or get her out of the water?


For safety reasons there is no alternative but to return to Iceland. There we can have repairs done and get ourselves sorted out anew. This means of course we are delayed and there is a mix up in our planning but safety has priority over everything else.


We are now sailing under wonderful sunny conditions and with light winds of 4 knots to Iceland, where we will arrive in a few days. Our friends there have been in contact with a shipyard where the ship can be docked. That’s the way things go on an expedition. One must reckon with and be prepared for everything.


Luckily we have sails!


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Friday, 1. June 2018