15.07.2018: Keflavik


We have been in Keflavik for the past four days now and are hoping for repairs in the shipyard. The propeller must be taken apart completely and repairs can only be done when the ship is out of the water. We are unfortunately not the only ones waiting for repairs. The shipyard is actually booked up until September and there is no alternative.

Still, yesterday they assured us that the ship can come out of the water on July 19th. This is finally only due to Sigga’s negotiating skills. She was able to convince the management of the shipyard to fit us in between. Icelanders do stick together! If all goes well, repairs should be completed on July 20th and we could then – depending on the weather – depart on Saturday. To be honest – this waiting is getting on our nerves!

Of course we are all a little frustrated because of our loss of time. But we can’t force anything. Technical faults can always occur despite thorough preparation. A fatigue fracture in a hidden part, which was replaced three years ago as a precautionary measure and was presumably caused by a material defect, was not to be expected. We have used the time to collect further objects on the beach and to get the ship prepared for the coming routes. After all there is always something to do. We are making the best of the situation. Our motto: “Never give up!.”

Despite all these difficulties, the “Dagmar Aaen” has proven her qualities once again during our rather stormy return journey to Iceland. And that, despite the circumstances, was a lot of fun.


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Friday, 1. June 2018