09.09.2018: Collecting on the Beach in Aasiaat


The skerries around Aasiaat offer not only rocky coasts but also stony beaches. We pack an extra canister of gas and the equipment for a collection on a beach in the dingy and drive off to find a suitable beach which is just distance from the town. We have fresh winds from the west and are thankful for our water proof clothes. After a few bays we find a perfect section. A bay facing the open sea with a small stony beach. Following a zigzag course through the ice chunks, we land on an island northwest of Aasiaat. This section is about 35 meters wide, mostly without rocks and we get right to work. We find big hard plastic pieces of boats, plastic bottles, oil cans, processed wood, ropes, nets and even an unbroken light bulb. We are once again surprised at the amount of garbage which has been washed up here. Just what are people thinking of when they dispose of their garbage in nature?

Some of the plastic pieces and ropes are so porous that it is impossible not to produce more small pieces while collecting. “ A whole new meaning to Sisyphus work,” Arndt remarks. In addition, the winds are increasing, our fingers are ice cold and it is raining. Volker and Elise head off to get soil samples while Arndt and Lauren begin with the evaluation. After about two hours we return to the ship with tailwinds and a dingy full of garbage. Back on board the “Dagmar Aaen” we enjoy a hot chocolate and dry out our wet equipment. 



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Friday, 1. June 2018