13.09.2018: On the way again


It was a hard test of patience. We had to wait two weeks for repair time on the slip. Before that we had already lost a week being pulled from Upernavik to Aasiaat. Finally on Monday, September 10th at noon the ship was put on the slip. And then all was done in no time.

Take off the rudder blade, take the propeller apart and build out the defect pull rod. The new parts were all ready and waiting. Everything was then assembled the following morning and the ship was back in the water by noon. The workers at the shipyard were surprised – they expected it to take much longer. We were on land for only 24 hours. But the charge was over the top. All in all we have lost too much time waiting. The season has advanced. The days are getting shorter and colder. A strong hurricane named Florence is approaching the US coast. No one can forecast just what direction it will take and what affect it will have on our route. Due to these circumstances and for safety reasons we have decided not to sail to Canada, but to leave the ship in Iceland over the winter. This is a safe alternative and in addition we are then in a good start position for the coming season. We will most likely sail to Husavik in northern Iceland. We have good friends there and there is a shipyard where the complete power system can be rechecked and if necessary overhauled without being pressed for time. Canada must wait for a while yet.

We are now en route from Aasiaat to Manitsoq where we plan to make a stopover. Following that we will head further south along the coast and then to Prince Christian Sound on the east coast. After our nerve wracking wait, it just feels terrific to be on our way once again!

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Friday, 1. June 2018