Ocean Change 2019


We will continue on our Ocean Change Expedition on Whit-Monday. We had started from Hamburg in May 2018 heading for the Arctic Ocean. Our ship the “Dagmar Aaen” spent the winter in Husavik on Iceland, where the expedition will now continue from. From Iceland we will head for the east coast of Greenland. We travelled the west coast of Greenland last year and undertook many projects. This summer we are going to concentrate on the east coast of the largest island in the world.

The name of the project – Ocean Change – stands acting for the many changes taking place in the Arctic region caused by climate change. Especially the oceans and their neighboring states like Greenland are being affected. The Arctic is warming up twice as fast as the rest of the world, which is why the effects are so reflected here first.

The burden for the oceans associated with plastic waste will be a subject of investigation. With special nets micro plastics will be fished out of the water and plastic waste will be again collected on the beaches. Together with the “Senckenberg Institute”in Frankfurt, samples will be taken from driftwood in order to determine if, as a result of the warming of the oceans, alien invasive species have attached themselves.

A group of researchers and scientists will be on board the ship who, with the use of a special drone, will take readings from glaciers in Greenland. A visit to the ex US airbase “Blue East Two” is planed where soil samples will be taken. Up to 50,000 barrels – partly full of oil – have been resting here since the end of World War II and are waiting to be disposed of.

In Dialogue with the local people and environment coordinators, the problems of the environment but also possible solutions will be discussed. The crew will visit future-oriented projects, speak with scientists, project managers and researchers, but also with local fishermen and hunters -thus learning from the Arctic inhabitants and from pioneers of alternative energy.

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Friday, 1. June 2018