17.06.2019: Akureyri



A week of hard work has passed. With just the four of us on board getting the ship prepared for voyage – besides the different maintenance work and technical checks, the sails had to be fastened, equipment and provisions bought and stowed away – all this was quite a task. On Friday we had a nice barbecue on the pier beside the ship. Our ship’s cook conjured up and prepared everything. I got the barbecue started. Our Icelandic friends Hördur, his wife Sigga, her son Heimir and some other friends joined us. This was our last evening in Husavik for a while. We had a long and very nice evening together.

The last jobs are completed on Saturday and then it’s “Cast off”. Heimir and Hörder throw us the lines and wave goodbye for quite a time. Three long blasts and then we are on our way. We make a short visit to Flatey Island, which is a bird paradise at this time of year and then head directly to Akureyri. We even view a few humpback whales on the way and arrive right at 10 pm. The new propeller system passed the test and everything went very well. Sixty sea miles were quite enough for the first day. Today is Sunday and we are having a rest enjoying this beautiful summer weather.


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Friday, 1. June 2018