22.06.2019: Grimsey


Our next destinationis Grimsey, the northernmost island of Iceland. The Arctic Circle passes through it. It is the 21st of June – the official beginning of summer and at the same time it is midsummer. This is always extensively celebrated in northern countries. There are presently approx.  50 inhabitants on the island. Some of the houses are decorated with balloons and there are signs in the windows with the word “supa” on them.

The house inhabitants invite all visitors to a free fish soup. This is a great tradition. We visit three houses and meet almost all of the island inhabitants.There is a great feeling everywhere and we learn a lot about life on such a secluded island. At 10 pm one of the fishing boats undertakes a tour around the island. Mario and Lena take part and are very impressed. After that we walk to the northern tip, where there is music and further midsummer celebrations. Today, on Saturday, there is a guided hike on the island and we enjoy a fish buffet and further surprises. A great day!


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Friday, 1. June 2018