11.07.2019: Denmark Strait

Ententeich im Sturmrevier

We are on our way westward. Following the crew change, we are sailing in the notorious “Denmark Strait” towards the east coast of Greenland. The sea area between Iceland and Greenland is famous for its bad weather. One cyclone after the other passes through the area between Greenland’s east coast and Iceland’s west coast – a distance of about 300 sea miles. The winds are accelerated as if passing through a nozzle. But fortunately not right now. Under full sail we drift slowly ahead. Arved is familiar with the “Denmark Strait” after numerous crossings and he has never experienced it like this before.

Aboard the “Dagmar Aaen” a certain board routine has set in. Lauren, Chiara and Jeremias take the 0-4 watch, then Thomas, Jan and Pablo our friend from Chile. The last crew members in this 12-hour rhythm  are Arved, Dirk and Matze in the 8-12 watch. It is possible to do some small repairs. There is a lot of reading done and during each meal one wonders at the delicious things that Thomas our cook has cooked up. The temperatures are the only indication that we are heading for Greenland. The water temperature is only three to four degrees and the air temperature only four to five degrees - noticeably cooler. We have also passed our first ice bergs. We are heading for Tasiilaq, one of the two larger communities on the east coast of Greenland. We expect to arrive in a few days and then begin with our exciting expedition program. We will keep you informed.



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Friday, 1. June 2018