27.08.2019: Back in Iceland

Back in Iceland

Denmark Strait lies behind us. We have been back in Iceland for a few days now. Reykjavik was our first destination. The capital greets us with lovely summer weather and a vibrant atmosphere. After the peace, solitude and secludedness of Greenland’s fiords, city life seems like another world. But it is good to be here again! Everything in good time – a nice café, a hot shower, a visit to a restaurant, a good glass of wine – this too is part of life. I think especially when one has done without something for a time, then, one is aware of the value of other things. Nothing can be taken for granted in life and we appreciate the happy and cosmopolitan hustle of this Icelandic city – just as Greenland’s solitude and its magnificent nature cast a spell over us. We watch the news and hear that our friend Boris Herrmann sailed with Greta Thunberg to New York to the UN Climate Conference in his sailing ship “Malizia II” – a great undertaking. Boris is the perfect person for this - not only because of his sailing knowhow – only a few people can compete with him – but because he totally supports this project!

In Iceland there is a feeling of change in every aspect for us. It is a deep break. Some crew members will be leaving us, other new ones joining us. Iceland is the starting point for the journey home. Of course there are places to stop at and duties to be handled on the way, but the ”Dagmar Aaen’s” course is now a southerly one. We weathered a severe storm in Keflavik Harbor and this certainly will not be the last one. September is normally stormy in the North Atlantic. So we are again right in the middle of things – in nature.

Arved Fuchs

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