I.C.E. 2014

Climate Camp

In July the 8th international youth project "Ice Climate Education" will take place once again on board the "Ryvar".
Starting in the Norwegian town of Sogndal, the journey will continue along the Sogne-Fiord to the city of Bergen. The ten young people taking part will spend a total of ten days on board the old sailing ship. The camp took place for the first time on board the ship two years ago. In the summer of 2012 the journey began in Kristiansand and continued along the coast to Bergen. Last year we started off in Bergen and explored the Sogne Fiord.

This year the camp will begin at the eastern end of the beautiful Sogne Fiord in the small community of Sogndal, where the "Ryvar" will await the participants. Starting off to the west, the first highlight will be the Glacier Museum in Fjærland. A hike to the Jostedralsbreen (Photo) and the Glacier Lake Brevatnet will follow. A focal part of the excursion will also be the lectures held by the members of our academic team Dr. Dirk Notz, Dr. Kristin Richter and Steffen Lembke. The participants are given the opportunity, during the entire camp, to work on themes concerning the present climatic problems and will include these themes in a practical project.

10 participants - 8 nations

This year the ten participants come from eight different nations: Germany - Namibia - Bulgaria - Poland - Estonia - Turkey - Romania and England.
The young people qualified themselves as participants through their project work on the following themes:

  • A Nation Ready to Move - A Pacific people's Evacuation Plan
  • The Hunt is on - Oil & Gas Exploration on the Arctic Continental Shelf
  • Plastic Birds - Ocean Pollution by Plastic Particles

Sponsoren, Förderer & Partner

Seit dem 17.2.2018 ist die gemeinnützige in.media.vitae foundation der Projektträger des I.C.E. Camp. Weitere Informationen, auch zu weiteren Förderern des Projekts, finden Sie auf www.imv-foundation.org.


Thursday, 26. June 2014