31 August 2023

Back in Flensburg

„Journey’s end" is the motto in Flensburg's historic harbor on August 31.

After 2500 nautical miles, the Dagmar Aaen docks after 67 days. This marks the end of the OCEAN CHANGE Expedition 2023. In the luggage are a lot of data and water samples, which now have to be evaluated.

Ship and crew are fit and healthy - after all, that is always the most important thing! We are all happy to be back home and to see our friends and families. On the other hand, a certain melancholy can also be felt. A small piece of impressive life time remains behind.

Thanks to our many friends who gave us a warm welcome and thus sweetened our transition to country life. A special thank you to the entire crew on land and on the water. You all did a great job and always made sure that every day was a very engaging and friendly atmosphere. Thank you very much for that!

I am already looking forward to OCEAN CHANGE 2024 and hope to welcome you all back on board someday! The end of one journey is always the beginning of a new one.

Position: 54.793747, 9.434374