"Dagmar Aaen" is ready for takeoff


The "Dagmar Aaen" arrived at the Danish shipyard in Egernsund at the middle of March. Most of the crew members spent the Easter holidays there and gave the outer poarts of the Haikutter a fresh coat of paint. At the same time the sea cocks were repaired, the anchor chain marked and stowed away and the sacrificial anodes on the hull were replaced. The zinc anodes prevent corrosion of the metal parts on the hull caused by galvanic flows - that is where the name sacrficial anode comes from. During the first weeks of April the ship was returned to the water and work progressed smoothly under perfect weather conditions. The completely overhauled generator could then be heaved on board - an act of heavy physical labour - and then installed.

During their stay in Egernsund, some of the crew members took part in an extensive first aid course in which the rescue of a person with deep gashes on the arm was simulated. Other different scenarios were also played through on board.

The "Rum Regatta" in Flensburg was planned for the Ascension Day holiday and therefore work on the "Dagmar Aaen" had to be completed by then. During the last days of the dock period a new lönning was installed and the deck bilge pump was overhauled. There are three such pumps on board, which were all overhauled. They are necessary in the case of an extreme emergency where all other pumps fail. Before the shipyard work began, Elise had sewn a new mast collar. This collar prevents water getting through at the deck passage. Thi jib boom also got a fresh coat of paint and the stay was freshened up with a mixture of flax seed oil and wood tar. Both can be seen in the photo gallery.

The "Dagmar Aaen" was finally ready to go on the weekend before the regatta. The lst few jobs were carried out by the crew. They painted the midship companionway and the new cleats were fitted midships on the port and starboard sides. These cleats optimize the rope guidance when mooring and casting off. The freshyl painted name plates were put back into place. The Haikutter was more than ready to take part in the regatta. The cutter left the shipyard on Ascension Day and the crew sailed straight into a aheavy thunderstorm.